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Mini USB drive mod

Mini USB drive mod

This is a mod that will give you a sweet little USB drive up to 4 gigabytes! Also, this is really small. Have fun and hope you like it.The USB drive will still work and hold memory after you are done. There is no reason to cut of the circuit board it would be almost impossible to do that with the USB drive you will need for this project.
You will need to buy some stuff to make this USB mod because the original USB drive must be TINY.
You will need:.
A old laptop keyboard or some keys..
Tape. Optional if you (Like Me) do not want to make this permanent..
Xacto knife. Maybe a screwdriver (not philips head) or other prying tool would work..
That is All.
You will need to take the casing off the usb drive. Dont worry, its pretty easy. Just pry it apart with the Xacto knife. Behold: A really teeny USB drive!.
Take the keys from the old laptop keyboard. If you are having trouble getting a keyboard, do what I did: Ask the computer admins at your school. The one I talked to, Jack, was happy to give me a keyboard, with one key missing, that cost about $200 to replace!.
Now, to work. Cut out all the attaching crud off the back of the key, then trim one end to fit the USB drive.


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