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More Energy monitoring – ATM90E26 Breakout

More Energy monitoring – ATM90E26 Breakout

Breakout board for the ATMEL E9026 Energy monitor from Whatnicklife:

What is it?

ATM90E26 breakout for AC energy monitoring. It allows development of code and applications conveniently.

Why did you make it?
I wanted to test various energy monitor ASIC’s. I have already made an ADE7763 Breakout, I wanted to try the ATM90E26 for comparison and ease of use (SPI/UART alternatives). However it is not cheap since ATMEL’s version of the EVM is too expensive, aimed at the enterprise rather than electronics hobbyists.


So I took the low voltage parts of the reference design and made a breadboard friendly breakout.

Project info at Tisham Dhar’s blog.  It’s also up on Tindie.