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Multi Purpose Backup

Multi Purpose Backup

This device can be used to power your cell phone, iPod, Nintendo DS, PDA, PSP, wireless router, laptop, or just about any low voltage device.
Matierials youll need
-a switch
-an led(with mounting hardware)
-a 12v sealed lead acid battery
-a case
-a transformer and a charge board for the battery
-a chassis mount connector
-battery clips
-fuse holder
-1-5 amp fuse


Next The Battery
The batteries come in many shapes and sizes, you need to choose the battery for your needs.

The features There are many things to add, depending on what you need.

Then follow schmematics

Make a Regulator board and USB port for charging

Now all you need to do is drill the nessisary holes in the case to attach all of the components

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