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Noise Axe MiniSynth

Noise Axe MiniSynth

This Project is Mini Synthesizer, using a PICaxe.The NoiseAxe is based around the Picaxe 08M micro-controller. The 8 different notes that it will play are controlled via a stylus that you use to touch each of the 8 resistors legs at the bottom right of the PCB.
Each resistor makes a voltage divider that produces a different voltage when that resistor is touched. The voltage is sensed by the ADC (analog to digital converter) on the Picaxe and converted into one of 8 values in the program. The 8 note output corresponds to one octave on a keyboard. The sound command is then used to output the correct note to the speaker. The photoresistor is also used in a voltage divider circuit connected to one of the inputs the micro-controllers ADC. A digital value is read within the program and added or subtracted from the frequency sent to the sound command.

Following are the steps to make it:
Place the 8pin IC Socket on the top side of the PCB, with pin 1 on G4 of the PCB and pin 8 on J4 of the PCB. Solder into place.:
Solder the wire links to the top side of the board at coordinates::
-E2 to Q2:
-L4 to Q4:
-A4 to F4:
-D6 to F6:
-D10 to E10


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