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Old-World Light Bulb Load

Old-World Light Bulb Load

An old-fashioned incandescent lamp make good ballast resistors and dummy loads for a variety of devices. A 100W bulb starts at about 10Ù when cold and works its way up to about 150Ù, so they even adapt well to a wide range of voltages. Plus, they are cheap, available in a several values, and generally do not explode on failure.So make yourself a little box to hold a pair of light bulbs wired to standard 5-way binding posts.
Find the essential electrical partsas the autho found the small porcelain light bulb sockets at Home Depot, and picked up the standard 5-way binding posts from Radio Shack.
For the box, cut the slots out with scroll saw. To make these square cuts, start by cutting two slots straight in, keeping the blade on the waste side of the line. After cutting to the final depth, back the blade straight out. Once both slots have been made, put the piece back into the blade at an angle, cutting through the waste piece while turning, reaching the bottom about half-way between the two slots. At this point, be blade should be facing in the right direction to finish half the cut, resulting in a nice sharp corner. Then just make another cut, starting from where the last cut began, but in the opposite direction, making another sharp corner.
No old-time woodworking project is complete without a touch of brass. The shiny yellow metal complements stained hardwood nicely. This was one of the most complicated parts of the project, and not even strictly necessary, but it looks good.
For Surface Preparation apply some wood filler to the surface, and scraped the excess off with a putty knife, and then left that to dry overnight.The next day, sand the surface smooth with a bit of 220 grit hand sandpaper.
The last step remaining is to assemble all the parts and for the purposes of demonstration, connect the bulbs in series and then to 120VAC for applying power.


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