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Panner Waveform Generator

Panner Waveform Generator

This device is a microprocessor controlled waveform generator that can be used for driving a voltage controlled stereo panner for music applications. Panning is simply the movement of a mono audio signal between the left and right channels of a stereo sound system.

Power Requirements: +5V DC @ approximately 200mA, +12V DC @ approximately 25mA
Output Levels: 0-10V DC
External Sync Input: rising TTL level (0-5V) DC

The circuit can also be used to drive other voltage controlled modules that are used in analog music synthesis. The output of the waveform generator is a 0-10V DC control voltage.

One of eight waveforms can be selected using an 8 position BCD switch. Waves include: ramp, triangle, sine, cos(x)*sin(5x), damped 4 cycle sine wave, and pseudo random. Other waveforms may be substituted by changing the assembly language waveform tables.


The waveform generator runs in an asyncronous manner, int can be syncronized with other devices by use of an external (5V logic) sync signal or a manual sync trigger button. The waveform is generator is clocked by an oscillator circuit, the oscillator has three range selections, and an LFO rate control for fine speed adjustments.

The output waveform can be smoothed with an adjustable low pass filter. This can be used to remove the stair steps in the output waveform for a more rounded waveform.

An array of 8 LEDs is included for displaying where the current panning position is located, these are spread evenly across the device front panel for an interesting visual effect.

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