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PIC Caller ID by PIC16F628

PIC Caller ID by PIC16F628

Caller Line Identification displays on a 2×16 LCD the phone number of the person who is ringing you, before you even answer.When start up the first few seconds appears the version number in the display
Direct after programming the PIC stays in TEST-mode.
You can recognize this on the word TEST which appears continue on the right on the second line in the LCD. (Disabling this see text) .
After power up, appears the number of stored telephone numbers and burns the ‘new numbers’ LED, if it was also on before the power failure..
If there are no new numbers stored when power up, then the LED stays off and is this reported also on the second line from the display.
If there are no numbers at all then appears ‘No numbers’ on the display.
‘Caller Line Identification’ displays on a (2×16) LCD the phone number of the person who is ringing you, before you even answer, this number stays on the LCD till it wil replaced by a new received phone number OR if the button is pressed..
With the button you can ‘leaf’ trough the phone numbers.
The second line displays how many phone numbers are stored in memory.
A (a)new received phone number is marked in the display with *N*, it disappears when it’s number has been seen..
Max.12 10-numerals telephone numbers can stored in PIC’s EEPROM..
When the memory is full, a message is displayed and the backlight and LED blinks slow..
There still can appear new numbers on the display, but these numbers are not stored in memory anymore..
. When the button is pressed longer then 2 seconds, the LCD reports the question to erase all stored phone numbers..
For admitting push the button again, when waiting longer then 2 seconds the CLI goes back to the original screen (no erasing)..
(However, when a (new) received number is not seen yet, erasing is not possible.).


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