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How to Run Windows 10, Windows 8, Windiows 7 and Windows XP on Android

How to Run Windows 10, Windows 8, Windiows 7 and Windows XP on Android

Windows 8 for Android

Windows 8 Launcher APK

After all, depending on what your goal is, you may use some simple app that can bring Windows-like interface (not functionality) to your Android device. There’s an app called “Windows 8 Launcher”. It actually simulates Windows interface on your Android device and adds some interesting functions to your Android which Windows users got used so much to. Among such recognized useful features users will find:

  • Adjustable Windows style icons size
  • News service display with a user’s preferred country for news
  • Stock Market updates
  • The associated apps tile function. The application will try to associate most common applications like dialer, message, google play, etc. If you are running the launcher for the very first time and no Android application has been associated yet, then the list of all installed apps is opened and you can associate any app of your wish to this tile yourselves.
  • 4 additional tiles (like Clock, Weather, Sticky Notes, Stock Market, etc) which can be customized as per your need.

This application is available as an APK and can be downloaded here. In case you’d like to run native and fully functional Windows apps on Android with native speed jump to the key paragraph 🡓 or continue reading for other options.


Windows 7 on Android devices

This section is really simple. The matter is that if you need particularly Windows 7 on Android, you may just try the way mentioned above. Another thing would be not to bother with Windows 7 and try playing with Windows 8 on your Android. Anyway, before starting any action stop and think: “WHY am I doing all this stuff for?” And if you are pushing Windows on Android only for running some particular Windows apps on Android devices, consider this helpful app and stop making simple things hard =).

In case you need just an interface looking like Windows 7 on Android or want to have experience alike Windows 7 provides, so simply install Windows 7 Launcher (as we did it for Windows 8). You can get an APK here. As soon as the standard instalation done, the users get the following great features:

  • Windows Widgets: the Weather and Inbuilt Clock
  • Start menu composed of contacts, email, social networking, pictures, music.
  • Stylish icons.
  • Built-in features such as copy, cut and paste like on a real Windows PC.
  • High-quality customization compared to any other operating system.
  • Ads can be disabled from the App settings for FREE!