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Ten Interesting Things you can do with your Smartphone

Ten Interesting Things you can do with your Smartphone

3. Chemical Warfare detection




A less than one sq. cm. silicon chip, packed with 64 nanosensors will soon convert your phone into a poison detector. Image credit: Dominic Hart/NASA


Soon smartphones will have the capacity to detect any gas from chlorine to Sarin. From home security to war zones, your smartphone will bail you out in any perilous condition. Common public is going to have personal detection and protection against a range of airborne chemical based toxins. You will be able to measure how safe the air quality is in your city or living space and take action accordingly. Regular monitoring of such data will alert you any abrupt change around your environment for harmful gasses, toxin etc and possible chemical warfare.


Such a system is called ‘Cell-All’, demonstrated successfully by The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology directorate.



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