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Pinoccio – WiFi Mesh networking for Arduino and IoT available now!

Pinoccio – WiFi Mesh networking for Arduino and IoT available now!

A wireless Arduino-compatible microcontroller with WiFi, mesh networking, and rechargeable battery. A real-time, streaming REST API. Web-connected right out of the box.

Pinoccio is a solution to add mesh networking capability and WiFi-Internet access to all yout IoT devices, and it is Arduino compatible. Each board can assume the role of Scout in a Troop and one of the Scouts is the Lead to connect internet:

Field Scouts talk to each other using a mesh network (called a Troop), using an extremely low-power radio. This makes them 14 times more power efficient than standard WiFi devices. Slap a WiFi backpack on a Scout to make it the Lead Scout, and connect your entire Troop to the web.

Other features are:

API – free, real-time, streaming, RESTful, and optional

Use our free API, or roll your own, it’s up to you. Our real-time REST API lets you stream data out of each and every Scout. That means you’ll be notified instantly when something changes (pin values, LED, temperature, etc). You can also stream your own reports through the API, and effortlessly query historical data. Check out the API docs.


ScoutScript – instant feedback, no waiting to compile

Compile, test, tweak, repeat. Who has the time? ScoutScript gives you shell-like access to your hardware. Write and edit functions, run commands, read sensors, or send messages — all over-the-air, and instantaneously — no more waiting to compile! We even put a ScoutScript console in HQ, and an easy hq.print function to send it messages – it’s the remote serial console you’ve always wanted! Take a look through the ScoutScript commands.

HQ gives your hardware some GUI goodness

In addition to being able to use the Arduino IDE, Pinoccio HQ gives you a fully-synced, real-time GUI for all your Scouts and Troops. See who’s online/offline, check on battery levels, set pin modes, see (or make) pin changes instantly, mess with the LED, write some ScoutScript… the list really does go on. The best part is – we built HQ with the Pinoccio API. That’s right, everything you see in HQ is driven by the very same API you have access to as an owner of Pinoccio.