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PLL bug transmitter

PLL bug transmitter

This is strictly an educational project explaining how a transmitter works and can be built.This frequency of this transmitter is PLL controlled which makes it very stable. The frequency is programmed in digitally way and can be changed very easy. Frequency range is about 50 to 150 MHz and the output power 100mW.
This unit is a bit different from the bugs you have seen on the net.
Some construction achievements
Simple construction
Small outfit
Commonly components
High performance
High frequency stability
Good audio quality
The output power is about 100mW and most of the time that is too much. High output power will consume lot of battery time and that is not good. Most of the time you don’t need to transmit long distance. The time you want to transmit is more important.The frequency of this transmitter is programmed digitally by software.
One difficult part of transmitter is the audio quality. In this case we are going to use a microphone and we want to be able to pick up audio in all kind of environment, therefore I have used a bit different input interface of this transmitter.


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