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Power Line Communications

Power Line Communications

PLC transmits data over an existing high-voltage power line instead of requiring dedicated cabling. PLC can thus provide an inexpensive solution for transmitting data in a pre-wired location.
TMS320C2000™ digital signal controllers are an ideal platform for power line networked applications such as electricity metering, office lighting automation and factory automation because their performance of up to 150 MIPS, large onchip memory and integrated peripheral interfaces provide a single-chip solution for the PLC as well as additional control functions.


TI has developed a freely-available PLC software library and hardware reference design for data throughput speeds up to 5 kbps without crossing an isolation transformer (contact your local TI salesperson). For a higher speed and commercially-hardened system, we recommend our partners at Adaptive Networks, Inc. Adaptive Networks deploys systems that provide up to 100-kbps throughput and offer a range of several kilometers

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