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Programmable IR remote control

Programmable IR remote control

This is a NEC-SIRCS-JAPAN-RC5-SAMSUNG compatible, multiprotocol infrared remote control that replaces up to 6 existing remote controls into one. More protocols can be added later if needed.
The main component is of course the PIC16LF877-04/L processor. Its 8K program ROM handles all inputs, outputs, timings and so on. There are six modes: SLEEP, IDLE, TRANSMIT, RECEIVE, BACKUP & RESTORE.

There are two displays available: LED and/or LCD. So you can choose freely which one suits you best. Naturally, the Nokia LCD gives us much more details as we will see further on.

Power consumption is only a couple of microamps in sleep mode !! The circuit is powered by two AAA batteries (HR03) These may be rechargeable types. The voltage can drop as low as 2,5V. The battery life is several months (although NI-Mh batteries lose 1% of their power each day!)


Sleep mode is activated automatically after 20 seconds of inactivity (no button pressed in idle mode.)

All user data is stored in the 24LC256 i²c EEPROM. It contains 32768 bytes (8 pages of 4096 bytes.) That’s plenty! Pages 0 to 5 (0x0xxx to 0x5xxx) each contain data from the six devices (Aux, TV, Hifi, CD, DVD, Video) we are able to use. Page 6 is unused, page 7 stores all configuration data (f.e. which key is assigned to “PROGRAM” or to the device “DVD”…)

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