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Recycled Cardboard Lamp

Recycled Cardboard Lamp

The whole structure is made of old corrugated cardboard boxes and a few other fasteners from sustainable and recycled sources. The noneco-neutral parts are the electrical bits, but these all stay discrete enough that you can reuse them for other projects when you get tired of this.
One of the main purposes of this is to show how good corrugated cardboard is as a material – it excels as a prototyping material (can often use instead of foam-core), but is also strong enough to make certain kinds of finished product from. It lends a guilt-free disposability to a product, since it is intrinsically so easy to recycle (biodegradable even if it never gets to the recycling centre), and by rescuing it from an early demise you’ve already extended it’s lifespan considerably. It’s free if you know where to look. A lamp like this is what packing boxes dream of being made into


This project was something I did initially in a rudimentary way many years ago, and then have recently been developing further – spurred on by the availability of laser cutting services. Because I’ve got the materials to detail the design process, do that too and show how arrived at the design using a few sketches and whathaveyou. If you just want the cold, hard facts, and none of my sparkling insight and suspect drawings (never was very good at sketches), jump straight to the how-to on step 5.

The lamp needs to be adaptable – because it must be able to light a room enough for relaxing, for entertaining, and also to be bright enough to be usable when you actually need to be able to see things
The lamp must be cheap – simply put, students don’t have a lot of money.
3. The lamp must be reasonably neutral in style – Student’s rooms aren’t designed from scratch by interior designers, and while some might be contrived (you know the usual, mirrorballs, pink fluff and walls full of photographs), most are generic, and the lamp can’t be so stylised that it’ll look odd.

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