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Replace a mini USB port on your cellphone

Replace a mini USB port on your cellphone

At some point, just about everyone manages to mess up their precious electronics. In this case, someone (not me) somehow managed to totally demolish the mini USB port in their new Motorola cell phone. Surface mount repairs can be challenging without some serious tools, but it is possible to replace parts without a re-work station. This is how to do it with some fairly inexpensive tools.
To do this repair, you’ll need just a few tools:


fine tip soldering iron (Weller 15 watt)
Dremel tool with cut off wheel
De-soldering Braid
Torx T5 screwdriver
small flat bladed screwdriver (optional)
Diagonal cutters
small hemostat or fine tweezers
Panavise, helping hands or similar bench top holding device.

I already had all the soldering gear, but I had to track down a new T5 driver since mine vanished. I picked up a decent quality, iron oxide coated T5 driver at Sears for a little over $3. Sears actually has these individually, so you don’t need to buy a set.

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