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Reverse Clock

Reverse Clock

As the name suggests this is an instructable where endeavour to show you how to make a clock tick backwards and also to draw your own clockface by hand.
Firstly you need a clock, but strongly suggest getting two, or maybe even three, of the same clock, because this is really easy to phuk up, and if you can work out how to do it, but then you phuk it up, at least you know what to do for the next clock

Take the plastic cover off the face of the clock, then carefully (cannot stress this enough, whatever you do to the mechanism of the clock, be extremely careful) take the hands off the clock, they will generally be in this order


Once you have taken the hands off carefully extract the mechanism housing from the rear of the clock (you may have to sort of pop it out over a ridge or perhaps push back a pin or something

to reverse the motion of the clock, what you have to do is you have to lift the electromagnet from it’s base, where it sits upon two or three pins. Carefully slide the coil of copper wire off the U shaped ferrite rod. DO NOT UNWIND OR BREAK THE COPPER WIRE! The ferrite rods are usually in two parts, so try to keep them togeather. Then turn the ferrite rod over, so that the hole in the ferrite rod still goes over the hole where the cog magnet sits

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