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Reverse Engineering a Server CPU Voltage Regulator Module

Reverse Engineering a Server CPU Voltage Regulator Module


I put together a video on YouTube of me fumbling around trying to figure this thing out. Click below or better still browse to the YouTube to watch it in glorious high definition.


It’s a tale of two halves really. I’m pleased that I’ve managed to power up the board and get a useful output voltage from it but I’m a little disappointed that I could not identify what most of the IO pins on the board are doing. I could easily mount one of these into an edge connector and build a little power supply around it, and I may yet do that. However I’m going to hold off for a while to see if anyone out there has any tips regarding the unknown functionality of the unknown contacts. Please leave a comment down below or visit the forum thread and post your suggestions there.


Update: breakthrough!

Thanks to some excellent work by a blog reader the Artesyn (as opposed to Dell) part number has been identified. It is an NXA66 and the datasheet is available with the complete pinout documented in it. Click here to download the datasheet.

Here’s a snapshot of the pinout table from the datasheet. This is very good news. I’ve already got some 2×25 2.54mm edge connectors so I can now go ahead and design a cheap little PSU board around this high quality module. More to follow in due course.


Original Article by Andy Brown published at his workshop website


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