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Rhombic Antenna, 30m-6m

Rhombic Antenna, 30m-6m

Rhombics are high gain directive wire antennas. A rhombic is shaped like a diamond, if you’re looking down on it. I.e., there are 4 ‘legs’, 2 end ‘points’, and 2 side ‘corners’. This one was designed for 10 meters and 6 meters, but it’s proven useful all the way down to 30 meters. This particular rhombic is 120′ long, 70′ on a leg, 25′ high, and it’s a “terminated” rhombic.
The picture is a shot looking up the feed-end tree; showing the tapered line and the wire-supports.? The entire antenna “floats” in its supports.? I.e., it is only firmly attached down at the terminator end.? At every other corner, the wires slide freely through their “pulleys”, which are poly egg-insulators.? This design automatically equalizes tension on all legs, and has proven to work very well.? The antenna is always flat, and it handles high winds and tree-branch hits with ease.


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