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Rhombic antenna at 20 meter

Rhombic antenna at 20 meter

This system is simple to build. Each support consists of a used 35 foot class 5 wooden pole with a 30 foot section of 2 inch steel pipe overlapping the top of the pole 4 feet. They are bolted together with two 5/8 inch through bolts. Welded to the top of the pipe is an eyebolt that has a loop of dacron rope that runs the length of the pole and pipe.

The feed point support consists of three porcelain insulators sandwiched between two Plexiglas boards in a triangle arraignment. One insulator is tied to the support rope and the other two hold the starting point of either leg of the #14 copperweld wire. The side supports are insulated tubing that the copperweld runs through. The support rope is tied onto a wire that is wrapped tightly around the insulated tube. The end point is just two porcelain insulators tied in a V knot to the support rope. Since my 5 Rhombics share supports, some of the pole/pipes have a second and third eyebolt 5 and 10 feet down from the top, with two or three sets of dacron rope supporting different corners of the different Rhombics. This pole is an example and shows each type of wire support:


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