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Rogue server inside an UPS

Rogue server inside an UPS

Just think of the possibilities. A hidden file archive, hook it up to your hacked tivo, mess with the RIAA when the come search your house…..There are multiple reasons that you’d want to place it on your home entertainment center or your computer.
The Server Camouflage (also known as an UPS)
This is the UPS we will be modifying. We chose a UPS for several reasons. First off is we need the housing to be large enough to hide our server in, but still be totally inconspicuous. second we needed to have network cables coming out of our housing and not have it look odd, if we used a toaster with a LAN cable for instance it might look a little suspicious but a ups with a LAN surge suppressor in it for instance, no problem! Finally we wanted it to be an object in the vicinity of the computer that would be connecting to it, after all the best hiding place is in plain sight. I recommend finding a broken UPS from your local surplus or thrift store, although CompUSA often has them on sale for about 35.00. Make sure to find one with the rj45 surge protector.


The NSLU2 
I love this thing, ok maybe not that far. But when I first started creating scope for this project I looked at various embedded technologies, nano-itx, sbc’s and pc-104. I chose the NSLU2 since it is small and already has Linux loaded. It is natively a very robust piece of hardware and has several customized and extended Nix based platforms available for it. I turned mine into a DNS server for instance as well as my file server core.

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