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Serial Port Communication in Excel (VBA)

Serial Port Communication in Excel (VBA)

Maurizio from Electronics Open Source at discuss how we can do serial communication in Excel environment. He writes:

The great advantage of this method, which uses API functions to call the serial port directly, is that you do not really need to install anything on your PC, apart from the Excel itself (which, let’s admit it, already exists on most PCs). Other methods always require the installation of an ActiveX, or at least the registration of an “.ocx” file, like for instance the MSComm control. In order to get access to the VBA script editor, you first need to make the corresponding buttons available on the Excel toolbars (they are not there by default). These buttons will enable you to launch the editor in which you will be able to write the Visual Basic Code and will also allow you to directly create windows-style controls like textboxes, push buttons, labels, radio buttons, checkboxes etc. In order to make these available on the main toolbar, you need to activate the Control Toolbox button, from the small toolbar activated at the previous step. As a goal for this article, I would intend to demonstrate how you open the serial port, how you write a few bytes, how you read some bytes, and then how you close the serial port.


Serial Port Communication in Excel (VBA) – [Link]