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Single-handed wireless Xbox 360 controller

Single-handed wireless Xbox 360 controller

First I bought and gutted an Xbox 360 wireless controller. I shall take this opportunity to say that after the debacle of the bowling-ball sized Xbox 1 controller the new 360 model is possibly one of the best controllers ever.
Strangely enough, the controller used security torx screws with a shaft in the middle. (Security screws are the kind that are supposed to be hard to remove, like the ones in the public bathrooms that prevent you from taking apart the door while you take a dump) This is odd because the screws on the 360 itself are normal. So, I simply Dremelled (if that isn’t a word it should be) a slot in the middle of a cheap torx bit so it could fit over the shaft and remove the screw. You can also break off the little shafts pretty easily with a thin flat-head screwdriver.


Next I had to rearrange everything inside the controller. This actually took me quite a while, I think I went with 3 revisions on the design. Eventually I settled on manually reattaching all the buttons to the controller’s circuit board and then designing around that.

I managed to get both rumble controllers on this thing because I didn’t want to accidentally build a Sixaxis. The right analog shoulder button has been moved down and flipped for use with the pinky finger. The X Y B A triggers, along with right bumper, have been rewired with tact switches to the middle for actuation by the middle and ring fingers. The left analog trigger and left bumper have not been moved. It will take some getting used to but everything is within reach. Pulling the right trigger with the pinky isn’t that hard, though who knows after a marathon of Oblivion rat-killing what could happen.

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