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Site reorganization complete

Site reorganization complete

Sorry for the occasional outages over the past week. Most were during Chinese work hours, so hopefully not really noticed if you’re in the US or EU.

The whole site has been moved into GIT repositories and redeployed as virtual directories as outlined on the blog last week. It is much cleaner, better organized, and more resilient against bugs and hacks.

Today the blog moved to /blog/ to make way for the DEV site to be integrated here. All old posts, pages, and images have 301 Permanent Redirects to avoid breaking links at other sites and to preserve rank with search engines. DEV will probably be moved tomorrow if all goes well. All current DEV site orders will be processed without interruption or delay, even while the site is offline.


If you’re planning to get in any super cheap PCB or SLA 3D prints be sure to do it today. When we move the store to the main site prices will increase to match Once the new store is running smoothly prices at DirtyPCBs will increase to encourage people to move to the new system. The DirtyPCBs scripts weren’t designed to handle the 10s of thousands of orders you’ve put through them and they’re starting to come apart at the seams.

The new forum theme is complete. phpBB will get a big update later this week. A new MediaWiki theme and upgrade are scheduled for next week.

If you notice any problems on the blog, forum, and wiki please report it through the contact form or here in the comments.