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SMT Desoldering Station

SMT Desoldering Station

Working with SMT is quite difficult without an smt hot air pencil. Anyone with basics electronics can try to build it, it’s made with common materials.

An smt desoldering station is made up of : a heater, that is a powerful solder (min 50watt), a hot exchanger (IRON WOOL), an air pump. Building the air pump isn’t so much difficult as it seems, first of all get your mini hair dryer, remove everything except the motor and the final rotor, cut only the handle and the rotor’s plastic cover, that from which the air enter ( to get more air flow ), take a plastic 66cl pet bottle (coke, fanta and so on ) cut it making such as a funnel, insert it in the out hole of the dryer use some hot glue to fix it, better if it ‘s inserted with a little pressure, then take the cap , get a short brass tube of 0.5 cm diameter, make the hole on the cap to fit perfectly the tube, insert the tube, use some hot glue to fix it .Now you can use such metal tube to fit the plastic tube to get air outside. At the end you will have a desoldering smt station for less than 50 $ , with characteristics not really different from those commercials ones.


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