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Solar-Powered Water Pump Controller

Solar-Powered Water Pump Controller

It is a CY8C27443-based Solar Pump Controller that operates a submersible water pump directly from solar panels. It is ideal for remote areas that lack conventional power supplies. The powerful PSoC provides three-phase PWM generation, signal conditioning, temperature monitoring, constant voltage-to-frequency control, and over-current and fault protection.
Solar-powered pumps are used to extract ground water in remote areas where conventional power may not be readily available. The low-cost submersible pumps operate from three-phase power, so the DC power from the solar panel must be converted to AC with an inverter. PRINCIPLE PARTS

The solar pump controller consists of three principle blocks: the inverter waveform generator, the analog signal acquisition, and the over-current detector. The elements that make up these blocks consist of hardware and software components in the CY8C27443.


The inverter waveform generator is responsible for directly controlling the inverter power stage’s switching action. It does this using three H-Bridge MOSFET switches (one set for each phase). The switches are modulated at the switching frequency by way of the CY8C27443’s pulse-width modulator blocks. Additionally, the internal dead-band generator times the break-before-make interval on the H-Bridge. This delay is required to allow the switch time to turn off before the complementary H-Bridge switch is turned on. Three of the PWMDB8 blocks are used (one for each phase). The top and bottom switches are connected to phase 1 and phase 2, respectively.

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