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Soldering TQFN with a distance

Soldering TQFN with a distance

Mare writes:

Here is my solution to this problem. First clamp the Ic to vise or ask your wife to hold the tweezers with the chip
Next, use your sharpest soldering tip and apply some solder to the pads. Please keep in mind the chip has 0,5mm raster between pads.
After soldering all 10 pads it should look something like this
Now place the chip on the PCB and position it correctly – check the orientation. The height of the solder applied to the chip pad will keep the thermal pad away from the traces under the chip. Place soldering tip close to the chip at one pad and heat it up until solder flows from chip to the PCB pad. Don’t push the chip down! Check the position of the chip and repeat this for all pads at one side and then repeat for the rest of the pads


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