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Solid State Tesla Coil with 555 Timer

Solid State Tesla Coil with 555 Timer

Amazing fact is that this powerful arc generating system does not hurt human, but only when handled right. Following experiments are very dangerous, and only shown here for informational purposes. Never try these yourself, especially if you’ve got little knowledge about electricity.
Now it’s time to talk about the fancy experiment above. It’s always caused people to have their mouth open, get amazed a lot and think much, when I introduce the phenomenon to them. Cause of their sudden mental shock was their belief, that higher voltages would harm you much more easily than lower voltages. In fact, it is the amount of current passes through your body that makes the damage, not the voltage. Voltage is only the description of “electrical pressure level between two points”. In this circuit, the pressure level is so much (about 15.000 volts) that it can jump across air, but the current (theoretically electrons per time unit) flows through the wires is so low. In addition, the alternating frequency of the current is so high that your nerves are unable to detect it. It’s much like you cannot hear high frequencies. Also it is stated that the current will flow through the outer layer of your tissue, not harming the internal parts of your body, at this much high frequencies. This is the well known Faraday cage effect. But in spite of these natural laws, I do not tell you to try this experiment yourself. Your circuit may not meet the specifications of mine and may be working at dangerous current output levels. Remember that it is exactly dangerous when you use a flyback that have internal capacitors and diodes. A capacitor is enough to store high voltage to be given back at practically zero resistance. I have NEVER tried to touch a such capacitor connected output and you should NEVER TRY IT too. Anything may act as a capacitor when connected to the high voltage output, for example a fluorescent tube or a neon lamp. Even your body is a capacitor when it’s a part of any electric circuit.


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