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Souliss device ESP based combined with 3D Printing

Souliss device ESP based combined with 3D Printing

Juan has been working on a Souliss device ESP based project, that is available at Github:


With this board we can control 3 monocolor led strips (or 1 RGB), can host multiple sensors and options to come by external modules or internal conectors, Im working on this modules now. For now this board can host a LDR to meassure light on the room, temperature , humidity, pressure, pir, rain sensors… . It have an I2C and ICSP connectors, so we can connect Displays and others directly on the board.
Network settings can be configured via webinterface, and most important Slots can be configured too, you can see multiple options on my GITHUB.
Power is regulated from 12v to 3.3v. No heating problems.
It have 2 buttons, one for reset and other to enable program mode, can be used like a standard button too!

Project details at Juan’s Google Groups.