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Spectrum Analyzer and Equalizer Designs

Spectrum Analyzer and Equalizer Designs

A spectrum analyzer can be a powerful tool for keeping your studio well tuned. Besides its obvious uses – for adjusting octave or one-third octave room equalizers – a spectrum analyzer can also be used to check the response of a tape recorder, or even help identify the rumble frequencies in an air conditioner.
Unfortunately for many studios, the high price of a commercial spectrum analyzer presents a major problem; LED versions cost many hundreds of dollars, and a good oscilloscope model can run into thousands. But once again the IC op-amp comes to the rescue, allowing construction of a sophisticated “manual” analyzer that includes a clever but unusual digital pink-noise source, all for just the cost of a few components.


Although a real-time analyzer is more convenient to use because of its simultaneous display of all frequency bands, a manually swept model is no less professional and its use follows well established practice. In fact, a continuous sweep can detect narrow peaks and dips, which would be ignored by a real-time unit with its fixed third-octave spacing.

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