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Tennis Ball Tripod

Tennis Ball Tripod

Recycle a dead tennis ball into a pocket camera tripod.Get sharp photos using a wall, fence, tree branch, door, car hood, telephone pole, or lamppost.Velcro, bungee or hang from a suction cup with the optional mounting holes.
Cut the ball in half with an kitchen scissors, a craft knife, or even a kitchen knife.
Wear good safety goggles. Blades can slip or snap..
Mark three tripod feet on the edge of the ball with a pen or pencil..
Each flat foot is about 3/4 inch (18mm) wide..
There should be about 2 inches (50mm) between the edges of the feet..
Cut arches between the feet to make the basic tripod shape. Arch size and shape are not important..
Cut a 3/4 inch hole in the top of the ball..
Cut two circles from the other half of the tennis ball..
Each should be about 1.5 inches across..
Drill, cut, or punch 1/4 inch holes in their centers..
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