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Tesla Coil- Cathode Ray Tube Laser

Tesla Coil- Cathode Ray Tube Laser

This project discharges a 25,000 Volt continuous, unbroken arc across two electrodes and can be heard in an entire auditorium . It uses an electromagnet, an automotive ignition coil, a set of automotive ignition points, available at any auto parts store and can be wired up easily in a half an hour (no coil winding necessary).
No soldering of teeny little semiconductors and completely portable. Will power dozens of fascinating high voltage experiments, including Leyden Jars, electrostatic and other projects etc. Will power the below cathode ray tube, sending electron beams through a vacuum tube. Operates on 12 V. DC.

Cathode Ray Tube – Powered by the Tesla Coil

The cathode ray tube is a vacuum tube, produced without a vacuum pump, and it’s made from only a 1/2″ dia. clear acrylic tubing and two rubber stoppers and 2 household pins. It sends an eerie blue beam dancing between the two electrodes. You can plainly see the Faraday Dark Space at the cathode end. Place magnets on the side of the tube and the beam will bend ! This project only costs $2-3 and has only three main parts. You should be able to make this in under a half an hour.

Helium-Neon Laser – Powered by the Tesla Coil

Laser radiation is produced when a gas discharge tube is highly evacuated and then filled with gas, placed between two mirrors forming a resonant optical cavity. When the gas is excited via a high voltage discharge and due to the amplifying action of the cavity and mirrors, coherent light (laser) occurs.


The laser is powered by the above Tesla Coil and the tube itself is available from suppliers listed in the plans/instructions. A 2 mw Helium/Neon Laser tube runs about $35. The laser is of the type that supermarket checkout lanes use and is not hazardous.

Over the last few decades, few of the amazing scientific developments that have have inspired more fascination than that of the laser . Easy and inexpensive, you can enter into the amazing, fascinating world of lasers with almost limitless experiments.

Plasma Globe – Powered by the Tesla Coil

Fascinating display of electrical energy. A plasma is sometimes described as a “fourth sate of matter” as it consists of ions only, not molecules as in ordinary matter. The high voltage breaks down the inert gas Argon and what we see is bottled lightning .

All we need for this project is a 60 or so watt clear light bulb (same as any other light bulb, but clear), a light bulb socket and a piece of bent wire coat hanger. Costs about $5 to make. All you have to do is screw down the socket and form the coat hanger electrode and only two connections to the Tesla Coil.

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