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The ADuC812 as an IEEE 1451.2 STIM

The ADuC812 as an IEEE 1451.2 STIM

The application note outlines the implementation of an IEEE 1451.2 compatible interface on the Analog Devices ADuC812 MicroConverter. It will specify how to create a true minimal IEEE 1451.2 standard implementation, it will logically introduce you to the development of modular, scaleable and readable code, and it will outline how this code may be modified to adjust itself to end user to requirements.


In it’s simplest terms, the 1451.2 smart sensor standard specifies a ‘plug-and-play’ capability in a transducer module, which is achieved through an ‘electronic data sheet’. It specifies a digital interface to access this data sheet, read sensor data and set actuators. A set of read and write logic functions to access the ‘transducer electronic data sheet’ and transducers are defined. The standard attempts to reduce the complexities designers have traditionally faced in establishing communications between various networks and transducers. The ultimate goal of the standard is to provide an industry standard interface to efficiently connect transducers to µCs and to connect µCs to networks.