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The Bitx40 Project

The Bitx40 Project

The Bitx40 Project –a good rig for just a few dollars!

I have been working on building the Bitx40, a neat rig from VU2ESE see Finally got my unit receiving today using the AD9850 for the LO. Below is a still shot and below that a you tube video. I initially had a problem that the DDS wouldn’t work and so I shifted to the varactor VFO and that worked so I knew the board was OK. Man talk about drift. Worthless is a good word. Then  I put a cap in series with the DDS and it worked. Without the 10NF cap the DDS output was being shunted to ground.
I would strongly recommend not using the on board VFO for anything other than testing the rig. Either build a solid Analog VFO like N2CQR or just jump to Farhan’s add on kit that for $14 additional which gives you the digital capability. Don’t waste your time with the on board VFO other than for test purposes.

On par a good value for the cost!


Pete N6QW