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The Circuits for Leakage Prevention in Source Application

The Circuits for Leakage Prevention in Source Application


In this application note, it discusses some of the circuits for leakage prevention in source application. The article show a solution by using Schottky Diodes, it will stop current leakage flowing back for the LCD monitor to the main regulator.


There is a possible condition in which a current leakage may occur caused by the ESD diodes in PI3HDMI412FTxx, PI3HDMI413 and PI3HDMI412AD, for notebook and DVI card source applications. The “I-Leak” is caused by the ESD diode, which will forward the 3.3V from the LCD monitor (powered-on) and will rise up the VDD voltage to 2.5V when it is supposed to be 0V in standby mode, thereby the other circuits loaded to the main regulator will not be able to get into the standby mode. The current of “I-Leak” will also violate the DVI/HDMI specs, which require that the source output must be high-Z in a stand-by mode.