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TI DLP® Pico™ Technology for Aftermarket Head-up Displays

TI DLP® Pico™ Technology for Aftermarket Head-up Displays

A head-up display (HUD) is a transparent display that superimposes rich, configurable, real-time data in a driver's normal line of sight. The HUD concept first appeared in military aircraft, where it was increasingly necessary for the pilot to be able to monitor critical flight data without looking away from outside the aircraft to an instrument panel within the aircraft. As the capabilities of HUDs improved and dropped in price, HUDs found widespread application in commercial and even private aviation. In recent years, HUDs began appearing as a factory installed option in many high-end automobiles.


Recent advances in consumer display technology present the opportunity to equip any automobile with an aftermarket head-up display (AM-HUD) solution. The same powerful technology behind DLP Pico products can be used in the automobile for high-brightness, interactive display systems that enhance the driving experience. The small size, low power, economical cost, and proven reliability of DLP Pico technology provides the foundation for compelling AM-HUD products.

DLP Products offers a wide variety of digital micromirror devices (DMDs), including chips specifically designed for consumer, industrial, and automotive applications. Regardless of which DMD is selected, appropriate considerations should be made to meet the recommended operation conditions specified in the device datasheet. This document will explain key design requirements and trade-offs for aftermarket head-up display solutions based on DLP Pico technology.