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TI TMS320 DSP Moving average Filter

TI TMS320 DSP Moving average Filter
In post , i am going to show you how to implement the simplest possible digital filter “moving average filter”. though it is very easy to implement but still in many applications this is more than good enough. for example reducing random noise from signal. ofcourse when it is very simple it does have issues like , it does no have very sharp filter Response.

there not much need to be done to calculate output signal. you just need to decide how many point average you want to take for each output point. the more cutoff frequency will go less and less as you increase number of point to be take for average. A 5 point  average  will have pretty high cutoff frequency than a 11 point average.o u t [ i ] = i n p u t [ i − 2 ] + i n p u t [ i − 1 ] + i n p u t [ i ] + i n p u t [ i + 1 ] + i n p u t [ i + 2 ] 5 for a point  a 5 point average is calculated with this simple formula
we are going to implement the filter with simple convolution operation , in which