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Turn an old scanner into a new MTmini

Turn an old scanner into a new MTmini

Do you have an old flat bed scanner that you are reluctant to get rid of because you can see the limit less potential just sitting there going to waste even though the eyesore makes you want to force yourself into blindness.
holding onto an out-dated Scanport SQ2030 (unfortunately, don’t know where you can get one, or why you’d want one for that matter) made by a company that doesn’t even exist anymore and will not work with any computer newer than a Windows 95(Searching on the internet found out that it’s suppose to work with Windows XP, but tried it and it does not). So if you’re ready to turn that eyesore into a beautiful piece of equipment, read on.


This step is actually big enough to fill several steps, but due to the differences in scanner models have decided to leave the dissassembly up to you. best advice – look for screws EVERYWHERE and when you find one take it out and see what moves. Also if this doesn’t work post a comment with the model type and try to find instructions for taking it apart, if one of our other outstanding members doesn’t get to it first. 🙂

Only part from the scanner you will really NEED is the case. Also you will need a small webcam that you don’t mind never seeing again
Note: You don’t have to take your webcam apart, but I took mine apart because I wanted to add some more electronics to the circuit like a power light on the case and maybe some other fun gadgets. If you DO take it apart be careful to leave the built in lense cover on; i took mine off the first one to take pictures and had to get a new one because I couldn’t get it clean after dust decided to settle on it.

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