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Twelve Graphics Cards of 2017 – from High end to Budget friendly

Twelve Graphics Cards of 2017 – from High end to Budget friendly


Nvidia and AMD are the top two graphics card designing companies in the world. With the launch of the 10x series, Nvidia has gained significant shares in the market. The 10x series is based on Nvidia’s Pascal architecture that provides twice the performance as compared to the previous family, with only half the power consumption.
AMD, on the other hand has introduced the Polaris and RX series of graphics cards that display significant performance improvements over the previous generation. With so many options to select from, it can be quite mind boggling to decide which graphics card to go for.


In an article published earlier, we have discussed in depth, How to chose Best Graphics Card for your PC – How much Processing Power do you really need? If you have not read it yet, I urge you to read that.
Let us now look at some of our recommendations that suit different needs and budgets. Here, we shall briefly discuss about top performing Graphics Cards of 2016 – 2017. They will be classified from High End range to Budget Friendly cards through Mid Range and Affordable Range.


High End Range Graphics Cards

The best high end graphics card, with one of the fastest GPUs currently available in the market, is Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1080. This GPU is suitable for highly graphics intensive games with a high resolution, multi-monitor setup. The only downside of course is the high price, and therefore this card is recommended for professional gamers and high end CAD, 4K video-editing or graphics intensive program .

This card is manufactured by different reputed manufacturer.


Among all them, manufactured by EVGA –

GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition

is the Editor’s choice in this segment. It has the following specifications:


Real Base Clock: 1607 MHz / Real Boost Clock: 1733 MHz; 8192MB GDDR5X Memory. It doesn’t require any additional software to achieve above clock speeds. It also has DX12 OSD Support with EVGA Precision XOC.


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Second one is made by ASUS –

GeForce GTX 1080 8GB ROG STRIX

This is also available in flavor of Founders Edition Here or Turbo Edition Here, having a base clock speed from 1607 MHz to Boost clock speed up to 1936 MHz.

Basic configuration for ROG STRIX model is

1835 MHz Boost Clock with Super Alloy Power II Delivery

Aura RGB Lighting on both shroud and back plate

New ASUS Fan Connect provides dual 4-pin GPU-controlled PWM fan headers

Direct CU III with 0dB fan technology and patented wing-blade fans

4K and VR Ready with dual HDMI 2.0 ports to simultaneously connect headset & monitor

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Third one is made by MSI Computer –

GTX 1080 Gaming X 8G


With 7680 x 4320 resolution, it can support 4x display monitor. It has a 8GB GDDR5X video memory. It requires 180W power and it has 1x 6Pin PCI-E power connector, 1x 8Pin PCI-E power connector, DVI-D Dual Link, HDMI, 3x Display Port.

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Mid Range Graphics Cards

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