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Two way serial communications using PIC16F877

Two way serial communications using PIC16F877

With this microcontroller it is much easier to connect a switch, because it has dedicated digital i/o ports (b and c).
Unbelievable after all the trouble it took on the 12F675.

Since there is no LED the switch position is relayed to the PC, but only if you press the ‘s’ key (scan or status) on the keyboard. Effectively this means there is two way communications between the microcontroller and the PC.


If the Xwisp programmer is used it can remain in place during serial communications, assuming it is switched to pass through mode using the command tty 1200

After that the small Xwisp windows shows the communication that is taking place. This works perfectly for testing and debugging. I prefer to use a separate terminal package, as shown in the first picture on this page.

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