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Undervolting a laptop without losing performance

Undervolting a laptop without losing performance

In this article we will look further on how you can undervolt the CPU of a modern laptop without losing performance or stability. Our test-system is an Acer Aspire 5021WLMi which appear to be a good computer to undervolt.
In order to achieve a good undervolting, we need some programs.

1. RM-Clock Utility – In this application we perform the undervolting. A must if we want to make it work.

2. Prime 95 – This application enables us to stress-test the CPU to see if it’s stable and what its max temperature is. Not a must. A similar application will do just as fine, or a demanding game. Using both of them is recommended.


3. Mobilemeter – An application that will measure the temperatures of the laptop. Of course you can use any type of application that works with your computer but I use this one.

4. 3DMark 03/05 – If you are unsure and really want to check that there are no performance losses, you can use this application.

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