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USB 8bit Interface Board

USB 8bit Interface Board

This is a USB (universal serial bus) interface board which can be used to connect 8 (parallel) data lines to the USB. The interface comes with a small internal FIFO (384 byte Tx, 128 bytes Rx) and 4 handshake lines which make it suitable for interfacing microcontroller designs to the USB.
Software Support


Clearly, some software had to be written to test the device. And of course, it had to run under Linux… Fortunately, one does not have to develop all the necessary things oneself since the Linux kernel comes with support for USB-to-serial converters based on this chip and FTDI offers an interface library (libftdi) dedicated to their chips.

Furthermore, some utility to write/change the configuration EEPROM contents is needed for convenience. It turns out that this can easily be done from the USB port.

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