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USB-FX2 Interface Board (USB-2.0)

USB-FX2 Interface Board (USB-2.0)

A small microcontroller-steered 16bit parallel IO interface board connecting external devices to a computer applying USB-2.0 (high-speed).
This is a USB (universal serial bus) interface board supporting USB-2.0 high speed mode (480Mbit/s).


Throughput: Actual continuous transfer rates of 35Mb/s (mega bytes not bits).

Flexibility: On-board 8051 microcontroller with 16kb RAM.

FIFO IO: 8 or 16 bit wide, additional handshake lines, 3.3V logic.

Several USB endpoints and buffering configurations (up to 512 bytes, quad-buffered); bulk, isochronous and interrupt transfer.


Several additional free digital IO lines.

Firmware download via USB; optional non-volatile 64kb EEPROM.

USB-powered and externally powered operation.

Very few discrete components.

If you would simply like to connect a microcontroller board to a computer using USB but don’t need massive bandwidth (less than 800kb/s), then you may want to have a look at the smaller and cheaper USB8Bit board.

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