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USB Midi Device from old Gamepad

USB Midi Device from old Gamepad

This project can easily be done if you get cheap buttons and a second-hand controller.You can buy HID USB boards and build your own totally from scratch. To make the process even easier, salvage an old USB gamepad and all you need is just a few parts.
What you need:
1 USB Gamepad (I used an old Gravis Gamepad Pro.):
1 small project box:
10 push-button n.o. switches (Normally Open: Contact closes when button pressed.):
10 LEDs & 220-Ohm resistors (optional):
small screwdrivers:
soldering iron:
drill (I needed 1/4in and 5mm bits):
wire cutters/strippers:
ruler and square:
electrical tape:
solder, solder braid (clean up messes):
rubber feet (so it doesn’t move as you’re jamming):
small spool of shielded wire


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