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USB Rechargeable LED flash light

USB Rechargeable LED flash light

In this instructable show you how to make your own LED flashlight that can be recharged simply by plugging it into the USB port of your computer. I know that you could find something similar from a store, but all of the ones that I found had only a few LEDs so It made with eight LEDs
The tools include:
1 hobby knife 2 handsaw :
3 soldering iron 4 screw driver :
5 scissors 6 wire cutters:
7 pliers 8 pen :
9 drill and drill bits :
parts include :
1 Stripboard or circuit board 2 8x LEDs :
3. on/off switch 4 3x ni-cd button cells :
5 1x 36 ohm or 8x 120 ohm resistor 6 plastic and aluminum sheet :
7 electric wirier and steel wirier 8 tape :
9 solder :
10 USB flash drive (I recommend one without a sliding mechanism


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