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USB Shiftage Key

USB Shiftage Key

This Instructable will show you some basic USB modding techniques by guiding you through the construction of the shown USB shift key, you can of course use any keyboard key, or indeed any object at all to fit a USB flash drive into
This instructable used…
1x Kingston Data Traveller 1GB – Chosen for it’s reliability size and low prices – I got mine for 1.60….
1x Donor keyboard key – I used the shift key because its easily obtainable, easily recognisable and big enough to house the usb key….
1x Tube of general all purpose filler – You could also use epoxy or hot glue if you like….
1x Pot of acrylic paint to match the cooler of the keyboard key….
A wee touch of tippex (or “liquid paper”)…
used a decorators sanding block but sanding paper would do….
You might need a small drill bit to create a small hole on the key so an LED can shine through IF the key you use is completely opaque….
You might want a paint brush – obviously to paint with…
Grab a pair of pliers and take the USB drive apart….
Take the side which isn’t the LED side off first, once you have the drive itself out then move on to the next step


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