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Wireless Microphone by Harry Lythall – SM0VPO

Wireless Microphone by Harry Lythall – SM0VPO

Here is the super NEW miracle improved “Frequency Modulation Wireless Microphone” (BUG) with added easablilty, readability and copyability. This was necessitated after the number of E-Mail questions posed by people who were confused by the layout of the project(s). Before proceeding with the interesting bits, please note:


This project is a miniature, VHF FM (wideband) Wireless Microphone transmitter of the type that are commonly refered to as BUG’s. Note that “BUGS” are illegal but “Wide-Band Frequency Modulation Wireless Microphones” (WBFMWMs) are not, as so many people have told me (including the RSGB!). Besides, the AF sensitivity of this transmitter prevents it from being an effective bug for eaves-dropping! I personally use one of these WBFMWMs plugged into my HF rig headphone socket so that I can “earwig” QSO’s and nets when sitting on the toilet, washing the dishes, bringing in the coal, etc. I know from experience that this project can be used to stimulate interest in Radio in older children, and this was also one of the projects given to a group of scouts and girl- guides to construct. Surprisingly, I found the girls made a better job of soldering than the boys! The circuit is very simple and needs no explanation for construction although the kids needed some guidance when soldering.

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