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You will never guess who said this

You will never guess who said this

This morning I was laying on my couch, watching an interview by Adafruit.

(Thanks for the tip Bryan!)

“I had never taken a course in electronics”, he said.


Paul Horowitz. The co-author of what many people call the electronics bible, “The Art of Electronics”:

I jumped a bit when I heard it.

THE Paul Horowitz had never taken a course on electronics? Then he went on to write one of the most popular books on electronics?


He learned by doing.

By building things.

Then other people wanted to learn what he was doing, so he created a course.

After a few years, that course turned into a book.

The first edition was published in 1980. This year, the third edition came out.


And it seems like all the talented electronics people I meet have learned the most by building things.

It’s a book that focuses on solving problems on the circuit level, like:

-how to build an oscillator
-how to design circuits with low noise
-how to design the different building blocks of an amplifier

It’s not a book I would recommend as your first step into electronics.

It’s more like a reference book I would say. You have it on your shelf. And when you suddenly need to figure out how to build your own digital to analog converter, you look it up and figure it out.

Learn more about it here:

Keep on Soldering!

PS! You can see the whole interview here:

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