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Homemade EDM (electric discharge machining) machine

Homemade EDM (electric discharge machining) machine

In this video Scorchworks demonstrates his DIY EDM (electric discharge machining) machine :

My homemade plunge EDM (electric discharge machining) machine built based on the book “Build an EDM” by Robert Langolois. The book consists of a series of articles that originally appeared in The Home Shop Machinist.
I deviated from the book in a couple of ways. First I sourced some of the components from scrap electronics and an electric clothes dryer that I picked up for free on the side of the road. The main transformer came from a microwave oven along with a cooling fan. A smaller transformer was sourced from an old stereo. The heating coil that I used as a power resistor was also taken from the old electric clothes dryer.

Project info at Scorchworks blog.