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120VAC Lamp Chaser

120VAC Lamp Chaser

This circuit is basically the same as the 10 channel LED sequencer with the addition of solid state relays to control the AC lamps. The relay shown in the diagram requires 1.2 volts DC to activate.
No current spec was given but I assume it needs just a few milliamps to light the internal LED. A 360 ohm resistor is shown which would limit the current to 17 mA using a 9 volt supply. I tested the circuit using a solid state relay (of unknown type) which required only 1.5 mA at 3 volts but operates up to 30 volts DC and a much higher current. The chaser circuit can be expanded up to 10 channels with additional relays and driver transistors. The 4017 decade counter reset line (pin 15) is connected to the fifth count (pin 10) so that the lamps sequence from 1 to 4 and then repeat.


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