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A homemade Sensor Multiplexer for a homemade robot

A homemade Sensor Multiplexer for a homemade robot

The device is controlled by a PIC 12F675 microcontroler, and gives eight analogue outputs from one analogue input, and one digital input.
To capture sensor data from the multiplexer a subroutine named ?GetPlexer? was created in the robots main code. This loop can read the value of the analogue input on the K8000, store it in an array, and then switch the digital output to the multiplexer on and then off again. This process will loop until all 8 sensors have been read.

When power is connected the first sensor in the array will be active. It would be as if it were connected directly to the analogue input of the K8000. When the signal from the digital output of the K8000 goes from low to high the power to the first sensor is disconnected and the next sensor is activated. This process repeats until the last sensor is activated and then it starts again from the beginning. This was housed in a plastic box and jack sockets added to allow easy connection and removal of sensors.


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